High Performance Custom Homes

custom-homesThe homes built by Don Holmes Custom Homes are High Performance Homes. What’s a high performance home? It’s the end result of a lot of careful consideration, planning, and thought that helps homeowners build a home that will shape their future.

A high performance home is one that is constructed with materials and systems to produce a home which performs better in all aspects. This makes your home:

  • Safer
  • Sustainable over time
  • More comfortable
  • More energy efficient
  • Less costly to operate
  • Less costly to maintain

By balancing and integrating all of the elements that go into a high performance home we’re able to provide you with a living environment that’s healthier, more efficient, cost effective, and more durable than a conventional home.

Characteristics of a High Performance Home:



We control the indoor air quality to minimize dust mites and mold. We use universal design to create a home that’s safe, functional, and accessible for all stages of life.


Our high performance homes are built to be cost effective, saving you money in the long term. Operating costs will be lower than a conventional home.


Our homes are built to reduce energy consumption and water costs. They are also built to protect the environment and reduce the impact on landfills.


Our homes are built to last. They’re designed to be resistant to termites and damaging insects, stand up to natural hazards, and resist deterioration.

Thermal Enelope

One of the systems used when building a high performance home is “the thermal envelope”. The thermal envelope begins at the sill plate and encompasses the exterior wall assembly. It provides a thermal and air barrier between the inside and outside environments to significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency.

The average American home loses 30% of its heat and air conditioning through improperly installed and poorly selected windows and doors. By addressing this during your build we plug some of the largest holes in the thermal envelope.

Another issue that impacts your thermal envelope is the construction of your exterior walls. We make sure your exterior walls are air sealed to improve your homes durability, reduces your heating and cooling costs, reduces outside noise, and creates a healthier and more comfortable interior.

Finally, we address the most cost effective way for you to control energy consumption – the insulation. By using well placed, properly selected insulation, we’re able to make your home a comfortable living environment year round while keeping your heating and cooling costs at a minimum.