Reviews and Testimonials

We have been in our new home for 2 months, and we absolutely love it!! After meeting with several home builders, we didn’t feel great about building with any of them. Some friends recommended Don Holmes, and after our initial meeting we both knew he was the builder for our family! Don was wonderful to work with – – – He is honest, straightforward, extremely knowledgeable, and detail oriented. We appreciated the open communication Don had with us. It felt like we were his only clients and his number one priority throughout the entire building process. Don took extra time to help us through tough decisions when we weren’t quite sure what we wanted, and he always made sure the work was done correctly. There was an issue with our kitchen counters, and even though we had no idea there was a problem, Don pointed it out to us and got it fixed immediately! Don cares about his clients and wants the home building process to be enjoyable. Most importantly, he wants the homeowner to be happy with the end result. We highly recommend him!!

Kyle & Alissa Post

Stephenville, TX

We have been in our new home almost a year and half now, and we are still so glad we chose Don to build our home! We had an accident happen to our roof while we were on vacation, and with one phone call, Don had everything fixed the next day! Don still takes care of his home owners after the move in! You won’t find that with every builder! Thanks again Don!

Jennifer Osinga

Hico, TX

We are very pleased with our new home, our dream home. Don understood our needs and the design concept that we needed. This is our first house build and it was a very pleasant experience. Don directed us through every step in the process with the decisions that had to be made, and everything ended even better than what we had planned for. Don is a trustworthy, responsible, honest person and an expert on his job as a builder whose experience and guidance was of great help in building an exceptional quality home. Don, thank you very much.

Jose and Leticia Castillo

Stephenville, TX

We are so thankful we hired Don Holmes to build our dream home. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. He’s a perfectionist, and we benefited from that. Don communicates daily with updates, and always makes sure the job gets done right. Don Holmes Custom Homes is the one we would recommend!!! Thanks Don! Our home is just perfect!

Bert & Heidi Velsen

Hico, TX

We are so happy we chose Don to build our dream home. Don always kept us up to date on what was going on, and would always give us his honest opinion. Don also has great subs, that do quality work. Don makes sure he does what he says he will do, and always makes sure you are satisfied with each step of the building process. Don takes pride in his work, and wants to make his customer’s dream home a reality. I would definitely recommend Don to anyone ready to build.

Joseph & Jennifer Osinga

Hico, TX

We know several people who live in homes built by Don. Seeing the quality and extra level of detail he puts into his projects is what led us to choose him as our builder. Don is very upfront and transparent with the budget, and utilizes only a few subcontractors he is very familiar with for each phase. This is how he is able to keep his quality at a high level while adhering to the budget without surprises. We are very satisfied with our new home! Thanks Don!

Jayton and Lacey Fair

Stephenville, TX

After many years of planning for our new home, we chose Don as our home builder. Our experience with Don was great from the beginning of the planning stages to his follow through of the completed house. His communication with us each day of the build was consistent and thorough. He was completely upfront and transparent with us throughout the entire building process. We are appreciate of the pride he takes in his work – it shows! Don was a pleasure to work with!

Angela Anders

Comanche County, TX

After receiving bids from several builders we made the decision to hire Don and have never regretted it. One of the main reasons we hired Don was because of his communication skills. He was always available to discuss questions and concerns, and always followed up with what he said he would do. Don helped us improve our floor plan with his unique insight into the construction process, and we have been very satisfied with the finished product of our new home. As a professional real estate inspector, I have the opportunity to inspect many new homes. I can say for certain that the sub-contractors Don uses build a high quality home in accordance with current building standards required by state and national code, which is not always the case with many of the new homes I inspect. Don managed to complete our new home on schedule and under budget, all while keeping quality at a premium and communicating with us throughout the process. I do not exaggerate or use hyperbole when I say I would highly recommend Don Holmes to anyone considering breaking ground on a new home!

Marty Hood

Granbury, TX

I am absolutely thrilled with my new home. Working with Don was such a pleasure. He was so receptive to my ideas and offered suggestions when necessary. Don was always available and in constant communication. I appreciate how he worked to find the best subs for my job and made sure they provided excellent work at the most affordable price. I would highly recommend Don Holmes for any and all building needs.

Joelle Jsckson

Olden, TX

We talked to a lot of different builders and looked at the homes they had built. We were very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into Don Holmes Custom Homes. He makes sure the work and material is of high standards. He was great to work with and really made building a new house a very pleasant experience. He built us a beautiful home and we would highly recommend him.

John & Debbie Subialdea

Stephenville, TX

We Hired Don Holmes to build our house in Granbury, Tx in Late summer 2014. We liked Don”s upfront attitude and strait forward answers. He built exactly what we wanted and the quality is amazing. Most importantly he kept our cost on budget in fact we had some money left over for outdoor projects we would have had to pay for out of pocket. We appreciated Don’s communication, usually daily updates and consulting with us on any changes or issues that may have been a cost factor or construction concern. Great builder honest man and quality work. That’s all we can ask for.

Rob Roberts

Granbury, TX

Thank you for a very positive building experience. We truly love our home and we know we chose the right builder. You sought to do whatever was necessary to make us happy and that is truly appreciated. We’ll gladly recommend you in the future.

Zac and Lauren House

Dublin, TX

Don did a fantastic job on our new custom home and what pleased me the most was his attention to details. In addition, his service after we moved in has been phenomenal and he has lived up to his word. Thanks, Don.

Gerrit Schouten

Stephenville, TX

Don was excellent to work with and we love our new home. He was very cost conscious and helped us with every detail and made some great suggestion all thru the building process. Don made this such a fun experience for us. We were glad we met Don to build our home and we wouldn’t change anything.

Joe Huddleston

Eastland, TX

We interviewed and received bids from several builders before deciding that Don was the contractor we could work with. His bid was not the lowest, but his directness, honesty, and genuine enthusiasm for his work told us that he would be fair and give us quality. This proved to be true. Don was always communicating with us. He would tell us what was going on, expressed his concerns, gave his suggestions and asked us for our input. He was responsive to us and delivered. The results were a great building experience and a home that we love. Don is amazing. He came in under budget and created a house that has appraised for much more than we spent. That has got to be the very definition of quality, but what we value most is the fact that we have a beautiful, comfortable home that we can depend on and spend our lives in. I can’t praise Don enough. We recommend Don Holmes Custom Homes to everyone.

Joe & Brenda Bostick

Mingus, Texas

Working with Don Holmes was a great experience. Don and his staff are professional, responsive, and most important to us honest. Once we started work with Don we realized that he cared about the quality of our home as much as we did. There was never a time we were not informed of the status of the job. He was always quick at addressing any concerns or questions. In the end Phyllis and I got the home of our dreams.

Darren and Phyllis Gronowski

Granbury, Texas

When we decided to build our home, we looked for a builder that would deliver quality and help us with getting everything we wanted in a home. We had built other homes in the area and were frustrated when the builder would always do what they wanted instead of what we wanted. Don listened to our wants and worked with us to make it happen. He also didn’t mind telling us when he disagreed, which we appreciated. We have had very few issues with our home, but Don always got any problem fixed as soon as we let him know about it. The main thing is that he is a man of his word which is so important when you have such a big investment in a home

Kim and Kelly Greer

Stephenville, Texas

We can’t tell you enough how happy we are with our new home. We’ve told our friends and anyone we encounter who is considering building a new home that you are truly the best! Meeting you for the first time, we realized that you were truly interested in building us the house we envisioned, not pushing us to build what you wanted. So many other builders we met just wanted us to modify one of their standard house plans, which was so frustrating. The ease of the building process was a thrill. Don we really appreciated the fact that you always kept us informed with each step and the decisions and choices we had to make ahead of time-it really minimized our stress level!

Don, we would highly recommend you “Don Holmes Custom Homes” to anyone wishing to build the house of their dreams.

Mark & Melissa Graham

Granbury, Texas

Don Holmes…knowledge, experience and communication. Few builders are experienced as Don in creating a true Energy Star home.Our family selected him over other builders because of his attention to detail and guidance in designing our fabulous home. We worked closely with Don and his skilled subs to create an outstanding, one-of-a-kind house.Throughout the building process Don’s management and communication skills kept the project on budget and on-time. Our beautiful custom home has received many accolades. Thank you, Don.

John & Carmen Liverseidge

Granbury, Texas

When we bought our new house we loved everything about it, except for one thing – it needed another room added on. After looking through Don Holmes Custom Homes portfolio and seeing what others had to say I knew who I wanted to use Don for the project. Don’s estimate was both detailed and competitive. The work his crews did was top notch and Don stayed on top of everything – keeping us in the loop every step of the way. While we did hit a couple of hiccups that were outside of everyone’s control (as every construction project does) Don attended to them and solved them immediately – going above and beyond what he needed to do to make us happy. We love everything about the finished add-on and will definitely use Don Homes Custom Homes for any future remodeling. I would recommend him to anyone who is remodeling or building a new home.

Gerry Rubendall

Fort Worth, TX

Don was absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the purchase of my new home. The house is gorgeous and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Better yet, Don has provided excellent customer service after moving in. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Julie Ward

Stephenville, TX

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